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It was time for me to return the roses to the Earth.

The practice was two-fold, I wanted to honor & say thank you to these woods that I love. My other intent was to bring joy, beauty, and softness to unsuspecting travelers and maybe brighten their day. The once bright, beautiful blooms were nearing their final moments.

This is the great cycle of life.

The bright blue sky shifts to fiery hues before giving way to the darkness of night. Sunrises look a lot like sunsets. The first leaves on the red maple tree are red in spring before they are green in summer. And when the crispness of autumn arrives, they will be turn again before they fall.

It is the nature of life, for the pendulum to swing back and forth between realities, seeking balance but always shifting. There is a strength in knowing no cycle is permanent. The impermanence of it all can offer a light at the end of the tunnel during cycles of pain and hardship.

Beauty will fade. Relationships will end, whether by choice, circumstance or death, and one day, we too will take our final breath. Knowing this and keeping this truth tucked in our hearts will help us not take what we cherish for granted.

Birth. Life. Death. Rebirth.

This is the great cycle of life.

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